Evan McIntire

Student | Full Stack Software Engineer

I'm a Computer Science and Mathematics undergrad at Univeristy of Maryland, College Park.

I do a mixture of front and backend development, as well as some server administration and deployment. I have a lot of experience writing Javascript (HTML and CSS, too) and Java. I also have some experience with Haskell, C, Python, and Ruby. I've also worked with a lot of other technologies, including but not limted to Postgresql, Node.js, nginx, Linux (both server and desktop).

Feel free to check out some of my projects below or my github.



A real-time collaborative art website


Math expression parser

Airbnb Data Vis.

Data Visualization page made using Airbnb data from San Francisco


Basic blockchain

IOT Dashboard

Dashboard that runs on a Raspberry Pi and connects to Pi Zeros with sensors.


Four year planner for UMD Students. Made during Bitcamp 2017.


Unfinished Gameboy Emulator. Booted the BIOS.